About us

Penis Plus: Helping you improve your sexual performance!

We, at Penis Plus, know that you are probably searching for ways to improve your performance in bed. And that is why we have come with amazing products that can help you improve your sex life. We have done deep study and research, backed by a team of qualified doctors, to come up with amazing products. So, if you are searching for the safest products for penis extension or penis enlargement, we are your destination.

Our mission

Our mission is to help men as well as their women of all lifestyles take care of their sexual health and wellness. We endeavour to improve their quality of life through the use of our quality products. No matter if you’re a 27 year-old with anxiety, the partner of a man dealing with a sexual challenge, or someone suffering from erectile dysfunction, Penis Plus to be your preferred resource for living the most pleasing life possible.

Our values

At, Penis Plus, we believe that everyone deserves regain their intimacy and confidence. They deserve to live a better life. And we are just helping them with our products.
Penis Plus believes in providing the framework for people to practice good habits, and use safe practices as well as their sexual well being is concerned.
We want to provide all men and their women whatever help they need to stay confident on their journey to wellness and improved happiness.

Helping the Body & Mind

Our devices are designed to help men with the physical symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and small size of penis. Our products are designed to help both men address all the issues related to sexual performance. When it comes problems with sex life, Penis Plus understands what it takes to improve your sexual experience. A penis extender like PHALLOSAN forte will help you increase the size of your manhood, which eventually will improve your sex life.

Why should you buy from us?

Not only our products are easy to use, at the same time these are very effective as well as affordable. Our products like PHALLOSAN forte and PHALLOSAN plus+ are considered the best in the market because of their medically proven materials and clinical studies. You can see a CE symbol, which means the product is tested and safe to use.

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Whether you are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction or penis enhancement, there is no better solution than PHALLOSAN® forte.


After successfully helping a lot of men with PHALLOSAN® forte, we have decided to offer our customers a more diverse range of products like PHALLOSAN® Plus+. PHALLOSAN® forte is now complimented with a PHALLOSAN® Plus.